Friday, June 18, 2010

awesome people ;)

let me tell you about some of the awesome people that rock(!) my holidays ;)

they are my tution mates, farahin , sha , naja , faiz (and afiq and aleng, but im not gonna talk about them in this post ) . they are crazy fella , crazy i tell youu ! here we got PAEN or 'pain in the ass' , faiz lebel her ;) she the person who endless talking. like everr. you could lost your voice of laughing and she still have something to talk about -_____- fact* she like 'TARIK' hahahaha. opss sorry paen ;) alololo jgn mrh remove kung ? haha

oky movin' on, next we have FAIZ or SBH ! hahaha SBH is super BIG head ! yes, he has a huge head . hahaha its true. you could compare your head with him and im sure his head is twice then odinary ;) faiz chill ehh ;O he is GAY, seriously he is. hahaha not just that, faiz pervet too. like ewww . the best thing, he can 'girls talk' like ewww omigosh and auu so sweet. like totally gay when a guy said it . hahaha but faiz, your the best

next, NAJA. najaaaa what to tell about her ? oky she a simple girl. easy to talk with. shes funny actually. di mana ada naja di situ ada sha. oky mcm les pulak ? gerr hahaha. bru kenal sekejap da geng leby leby -___- pelik betul kan ? haha siap kutuk kutuk org bkn main haha nice ;O

last, SHA. i tell you she is a super women ! hahaha. line tng panjang beratur nk beli ticket wyg, she could grab the ticket less then 5 mins. apa lagi, potong line laa. i was like omigosh hebat gilaa. sha you got to teach me duhh. thats was superb ! please? shes look like a very shy girl. err shy ke? sekali ajak gelak -_____- lost ! da la tak lepas lepas buat punch unt karate kid tu. buat buat salah. naja da gelak gelak kan da haiyoo. funny la you sha ;O

bottom line is, i just knew this dudes like few weeks or month. but we bonded like no other ;) sehari tk kutuk2 kt fb mmg tk sah. seriously korg terbaik. lets hangout some more ? hahaha

ass ass ass. sha , paen and faiz.

actually they are waiting for me to eat. sorry guys late. i have to wait 10mins bfre my corny dogs were servred. paen suke la aku makn ni. sosage sosage !

naja paiz paen, faiz retarded ;O

sha faiz paen. paen asal muke kau mcm tu duh ? hahaha

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