Friday, January 7, 2011

Annoying Athirah epsd 10. Hello Guitar Hero :)

its just be soo long since my last post. yeaa i kindda busy and err i kindda forgot that i even have my very own blog -___- yey me ! oh well, SPM is soo last year. now i got a new thing going on. its called LIFE.
* you can skip the part that im actually playing it. bcs it might be boring for peeps who dont understand the sound of GH :) haha poyo betul -__-'

for my dudes, happy holidays and national service.

and the kids, good luck with school :p do your freaking homework !


Fitri Beau said...

pergh !
macam pro la . hahaha ..

mcm jea la ..

Fitri Beau said...
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