Friday, August 12, 2011

Almost Lover

State the obvious, i'll never get my perfect fantasy. I realized you love yourself more then you could ever love me.

*Taylor swift, Picture to burn.

After all the patient and the 'being silence' about all the small cut and bruses, I just cant handle it no more. I can be the nicest person in our life, not as your princess but as your slave. I'll be there when you want to. I'll spend my time and money for you. without even bother about it. but as your 'slave' i want some repayment for what all i've done. not another fight each and every night. you keep thinking about yourself. What about me? what am i to you? im not asking who am i to you but 'what' am i to you? you treat me right some of the time. what about most of the time? fill with another fight and egorisme in your voice. I finally had enough. I had enough. We'r not meant for each other anymore. or we were never be meant for one and other? i had wonderful time knowing you. you are special. but then there is a lot of friction between us. that causes sparks that turn into a huge range of fire that gonna burn us both.

i just wanna say thank you for bring me some joy for the past few month. you make me laugh. i appriciate it. but its time for us to go on our saperate ways. Just like the poem 'Road not Taken' I'll take the path which less travel by people. Its hard to walk on this world alone i must admint. without 'someone' by myside. I'll tried to lived it again. look on the bright side, i still have my Family, friends and most importantly, Him :) im sure Allah will always looked after me if i Always remember Him :)

I'am sick of the on and off motion. Im tired. im sure you understand. you wanna love ourself more then other right? you've got your wish :) love your self all you want it. because im out of here. Im tarriblely sad i must admint. but at the same time i feel like a burden have been lifted off me. i feel free. it must be lonley for me after this. but life must goes on. i think i can handle it. Time will heal it. Im sure.

Keep all thoes thing that i give to you as our memory, i dont want it back. Its for you. can i keep your so called ' Kemeja ' ? that is the only thing of yours that i have. i'll promise i keep it safe and warm. lastly, I dont hate you. I just had enough. Do take care, keep on studying.

Lots of love,


Kbye AF

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Bella Hanna said...

awak, tabah dan banyak bersabar. saya di sini untuk awak :)