Thursday, February 24, 2011

Call to Life.

One day, a FOOL is trying to make a call to someone who care. because her life is so sad , grey, lifeless and pathetic. so what she did is she look up the yellow page and started to search someone name 'who care'. but sadly no parent that fucking morron to put their child a name such losser as that. so this fool dail one hotline 1-300-call-to-life
Then suddenly an machine operator answer

Call to life hotline service. we provide specialist from all over the world to solve your problem. first we must identify your problem. please press the number that according to your need.

If you have short term memory lost please press 1, if you have short term memory lost please press 1 , if you have short term memory lost please press 1.

If you have relationship or love dispair, please dial the number of your partner and solve with them. not with us.

If you hate life and want to commite suicide, please press 999

If you have cheated on your wife or husband or even your 2 month partner please press 3 , 5 ,7 and #

If you need someone share your problem with. please enter your country zip code and your mom's phone number.

If you sad because you fail your exam or loss your job, please take a cool bath and reedem your self. there is no one here to help you on that accept yourself.

If you think your are pretty , hot , sexy , good looking and metro sexsual person or even your're blond and have thousand of friends to party. please press the red button on your phone. sorry we hate people like that. Thank you for calling .

* This is stricly joke that I invented to fill my pastime. dont press any number alright? haha

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